Training Programmes

Outline of Training Programmes


EU Directives & UK Regulations related to machinery: -

  • UK Machinery (Safety) Regulations & related regulations - UKCA Marking
  • European Machinery Directive & related directives - CE Marking

Essential Health & Safety Requirements

  • (Both UKCA & CE)

Risk Assessment & Risk Reduction

  • Fundamentals & practical Risk Assessment (FMEA etc.)
  • Fundamentals & objectives of Risk Reduction
  • Practical Risk Reduction

Application of Standards for Safety of Machinery

  • UK Designated Standards
  • EU Harmonised Standards
  • Safety of Machinery Standards – A, B & C type standard relationships

Design of Safety Related Parts of Control Systems for Machinery

  • Introduction to EN ISO 13849 “Safety Related Parts of Control Systems” (SRP/CS)
  • Understanding & assessing Architecture (Category) & reliability (e.g. SIL, PL, PLr, B10d, CCF, DC, Mission Time, etc.)
  • Application of the SISTEMA software utility 

Design of Control Systems & Panels for Machinery

  • Application of EN 60204-1 “Electrical equipment of machines”


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