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Manufacture of machinery is a vital part of the engineering industry and an industrial mainstay of the economy of the United Kingdom and European Union. It is important, therefore, that the cost, both socially and economically, of accidents caused directly by the use of machinery can, and must, be reduced by safe design and construction and by proper installation, operation and maintenance.  

Health & Safety Compliance Engineering specialises in Safety of Machinery and compliance with United Kingdom Regulations and the European Union Machinery Directives.

Our expertise & competence includes compliance verification (UKCA & CE Marking), the compilation of Technical Files and the Declarations of Conformity or Incorporation, for all type’s industrial machines, controls, and related equipment. Alongside compliance verification of manufactured equipment, we specialise in the safety of the machinery once it is in use in the workplace, in compliance with, the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER98) in the UK and the Use of Work Equipment Directive in the EU.  

Compliance, both in manufacture AND use of machinery are essentials skills within corporate structures. Health & Safety Compliance Engineering will give you all the necessary training, mentoring and support for “in-house” self-sufficiency.