BREXIT - Impact

"BREXIT" & European Union

The United Kingdom left the European Union at the end of 2020 ("BREXIT"). The UK has been a leader in influencing EU nations and regulators in developing strong foundations for health, safety and environmental laws.

From 2021 the UK is no longer governed by European Directives which have been enacted in the UK legal systems by matching Regulations. As a consequence, the UK administration has dictated that the process of CE Marking for machinery supplied in the UK is replaced by the new UKCA Marking.

However, CE Marking of machinery to be supplied to the European Union continues to be a requirement. Machinery manufacturers in the United Kingdom, therefore, who supply, import and/or export are now faced with not one but 2 levels of “Red Tape” with which to contend.

Health and Safety Compliance Engineering objective is to partner you through your obligations for the supply and use of machinery, whether it be to the United Kingdom, the European Union or else ware, Worldwide.

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